birds come back

The art handlers just delivered this crate filled with Emily Dickinson manuscripts and books and ephemera. ED Crate

This crate is filled with several smaller boxes, all wrapped in plastic and safe in their particle board and Styrofoam chambers. After the years of work that went into mounting the Emily Dickinson exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York, it will take me just a couple of hours to unpack and restore each item to its Amherst home.

Once again I want to thank everyone who helped make the Morgan Library exhibition possible, with a special shout out to the amazing Carolyn Vega, my co-conspirator in what turned out to be a very special exhibition that came at exactly the right historical moment.

TNRCoverweb But this exhibition will live on in the form of the catalog published by Amherst College Press. Although I have a personal preference for the print edition of this volume, it is freely available for download from our all-open-access press:


2 thoughts on “This is the day when birds come back…

  1. This was absolutely a wonderful exhibit. I traveled from California, and was of course not disappointed. Seeing the originals makes all the difference, I was particularly enthused by seeing her small handwriting, and later how it evolved/changed. . . . Thank you so much to everyone, seen and unseen who put this wonderful exhibit together!

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