Our objects collection houses many of the things you might expect: reunion badges, fraternity pins, endless college mugs and tshirts… but it also contains a wide variety of surprises.
Here are a few for your enjoyment:
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These tiny shoes and bracelets are part of a complete Turkish young girl’s outfit belonging to Laura Bliss, daughter of Edwin Bliss (Class of 1837) who was a missionary to Turkey from 1843 until 1852. Laura was born in 1846 and was six years old when her family left Turkey. She received this costume as a gift sometime before then. What you can’t tell from the images is how very small the shoes are – they range in length from 6 to 7.5 inches – they would likely fit a preschooler.

This pocket size wallet used to belong to one Dr. W. E. Brown, Druggist, of Gilbertville, Mass. The tiny vials inside contain all manner of antiquated pharmaceuticals – opium, bismuth, morphine, ipecac, ergot and digitalis among others.

You may be aware of Amherst’s class cane tradition (and we have a generous selection of canes in the object collection), but have you heard about class pipes? We have a quite a few pipes with Amherst class years proudly emblazoned on them and a variety of others too, including the intriguing “Pipe of peace for the class of 1851”.

Also, eyeglasses and sunglasses, all wildly uncomfortable and fragile looking, and Clyde Fitch’s opera glasses (he was class of 1886 and a famous playwright).

A wide variety of scientific and quasi-scientific tools, including the ever-popular phrenology bust, Professor Ebenezer Snell’s drafting tools, Professor B. K. Emerson’s set of weights and a miniature steam engine given to President Marx.

Let’s not forget the football player doll, OK Society hair bracelet  and Amherst College Fire Brigade helmet shields!

And last, but not at all least, a some fantastic Earl and Countess headgear from the Amherst Family:

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