shelvesIt’s time for another Report from the Bunker! This time highlighting a small selection from the uncataloged 19th century books that we’ve recently begun exploring.

puss in bootsAmong many things we’ve found in the first 54 boxes is a large and exciting cashe of children’s literature, adding to our already strong holdings. There are both the ephemeral (and extremely didactic) early century books and the later, fanciful and highly illustrated books, like the above Puss in Boots.

Note the straight pin used to secure the binding
Note the straight pin used to secure the binding

new picture book page

Even greater excitement followed the discovery of a significant number of travel, exploration and ethnography books (replete with all the problematic depictions and ideas that make this genre so rich for analysis). These will join our already substantial holdings in this area. There are a particularly large number of books on Africa and the Arctic.

Stanley wilds of africa

"A dance by torch light"
“A dance by torchlight”
"Crossing the ice belt at Coffee Gorge"
“Crossing the ice belt at Coffee Gorge”

Amherst has strong holdings in what, for lack of a better word, could be called 19th century self-help books – the guides to morals, health and comportment that were so popular. Here too, the bunker has added a goodly number of new titles.

young mans own book

Among the other intriguing finds, is this manual of phonography,phonography

phonography illus

this Hieroglyphical Bible,

heiroglyphical bible page

a book of counsel for emigrants to the United States and Canada from 1835,

emigrants with map

and a number of books on magic, illusions and other diversions for the home.

parlour magic

Images of these and additional books can be found on the Amherst Archives flickr page.

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